Keeping product design, development, deployment and support running smoothly.


Finding the Why.

We’ve developed a tried and tested Product Blueprint process which we’ve found to be an excellent way to get products started on the right foot. Getting a good specification together can be a difficult and time-consuming process but it’s essential to get it right and start the project on the right foot. A good product specification should outline the entirety of your product and provide our developers from high-level business context through to the detail of specific functionality and how it is likely to be used. There are 5 key steps in the process along with 5 key outputs from a Product Blueprint.

Designing for Humans.

Once we have an understanding of who the project will be used by and how they want to use it we create a set of wireframes which shows how they will interact with the product. This initial low-fidelity wireframe is part of the Product Blueprint. Additionally, we may produce an entity-relationship diagram or a rough prototype during the stage. It’s much more cost-effective to iterate over a design or mock than during the development stages. The process is iterative throughout though and feedback on design often comes through once it’s in the hands of testers or clients. That’s why our design along with development follows our Scrum Methodology.



Building with People.

We follow a Scrum Methodology which is underpinned by Agile Principles. Our development process is smooth and allows plenty of opportunity for feedback. During the build, we are also likely to run automated testing and develop a User Acceptance Testing plan. This will allow us to test internally and to pass to you for testing and feedback at each stage. There are a number of stages to Our Testing Process which includes a mandatory review by a second developer and internal dedicated testing resource. Being a UKAS-accredited ISO9001 organisation we have a good grip on delivering quality products reliably.

Pushing the Button.

It is essential that deploying your product is as smooth as possible. Deployment should be the start of the journey and a feedback loop to: Discover, Design, Build stages should allow your product to evolve. We utilise Amazon Web Services (AWS) Architecture to ensure applications can be deployed securely and robustly, at scale. All our developers are AWS Certified Cloud Practitioners along with our AWS Certified Cloud Solutions Architects we are highly adept at designing and maintaining global cloud infrastructure. This agile architecture can grow and enter new territories as your product evolves. As an ISO27001 UKAS-accredited organisation you can be sure your client information is secure and compliant.



Keeping the Wheels Turning.

Support and maintenance is often overlooked, we offer a range of SLA options Once a product is deployed ‘in the wild’ there will need to be a level of maintenance and support available to ensure continuity is retained. Business-critical applications often require a rapid response to support issues. We can offer a Service-Level Agreement as quick as 1-hour 24/7/365. We also keep our finger on the pulse of dependencies your product relies on and can have a maintenance contract in place which covers the resolution of all bugs including issues with external services depending on your requirements.