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Subscriptions & One-Time Purchases

Some of our products are one-time purchases and some are subscriptions. Subscription products charge fee every year for their renewal and one-time purchases require only one-time fee. An example of our subscription product is Calculator. This product renews every year and automatically chargers customers. If Customer’s Credit Card is floor or expired, he is given a grace period by the relavant App Store to edit it. However, in case of one-time purchases, there is only one-time fee.


Mark2Win IT Solutions is certified through the GlobalSign Web Privacy Seal Program. GlobalSign is an independent organization whose mission is to build user’s trust and confidence in the Internet by promoting the use of fair information practices. In order to obtain certification, DigiTech disclosed its information privacy practices to GlobalSign for its review to ensure compliance with GlobalSign’s requirements. If you contact us with a privacy-related concern as directed in this Policy and do not receive acknowledgment of your inquiry or if your inquiry is not satisfactorily addressed, you should contact GlobalSign. GlobalSign will then serve as a liaison with us to resolve your concerns.

No Spam

Mark2Win IT Solutions will not sell, rent, trade or give away your email address or other contact information to any other organization.

Your Data is Protected

Mark2Win IT Solutions encrypts all data on your system to ensure your data is secure. We aim to provide you an excellent experience with our service.

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