Interns in Techhub will work corporately in the simulation of 100% real enterprise development environment, following up the whole process according to the formal development process. In Techhub, learning is use, interns accumulate practical experience in projects and teamwork, connected seamlessly with future work. In North America, local work experience is essential and significant for getting a good job. Under this situation, thousands of newly graduates and job seekers has been attracted by Techhub to get their first local work experience here, communicate with potential employers directly, and succeed in getting job offers of high-compensation positions. Techhub has become the most innovative, attractive, and dynamic Internet internship in Toronto.


1.Gain local hands-on work experiences

2.Grow rapidly by participating real business projects

3.Project completion certificate and feedback

4.Teamwork experiences

5.Reference letter from TechHub and Mark2Win

6.Job Referral opportunities

7.Build social networking, widen your vision and increase your chances of getting a job.

1st Stage:
1 month

A two-hours training will be conducted at the beginning of the internship to allow trainees to have a deeper understanding of recent industry trends, needed jobs and career requirements.
After that, trainee will be assigned to a project development team and work with other students and tutors in participating some virtual development projects.
After familiar with the whole process of a project development, including analysis on demand, project installation, technical choice, development team establishment, project kick off, normal project development agile regular meetings, project Dev, UAT, DevOps at different stages of production, how to collect logs and solve the production environment bugs, product iterations, etc.

2nd Stage:
1-2 months

Working on real commercial projects. Have the opportunity to get the referral opportunities and landing a dream job offer.


Having co-op experience on your resume is an easy way to make you stand out from the crowd. Employers value prior work experience over solely having academic credentials, and most companies will look more favourably upon candidates who have worked in the field before.


TechHub is a powerful place and an accelerator program for job seekers to gain valuable, on-the-job experience within few months, which not only gives them exposure to industry through real business project, but also become more employable upon completion.

Different from Co-op programs in some colleges or universities, in TechHub, job seekers will have more opportunities to meet potential employers on Demo Day or “Speed interview”, which allows the opportunity to interact with professionals in your industry that you otherwise might not have encountered. Because of these networking opportunities, more job offers may present themselves to you down the road.


Brainstorming Area

Communication and brainstorming area for trainees, it allows trainees to think more freely, encourages open and ongoing collaboration to solve problems and generate innovative ideas.

Project Zone

Work in teams, participate in a whole process of a real business project with the guidance of mentors and industry experts.

Road Show Area

Trainees will give a few minutes pitch about their projects here and explain how great they are to potential employers. They will get quick feedback from them. Employer can also give presentation or short introduction about their company values to give trainee a guidance for their work to attract the people who are interest in this position